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Payment methods

Transfer in advance



After receiving your order you will automatically receive an e -mail with the order confirmation .

This confirmation contains all data such as database connection required for the transaction

National- and international transfers, the total amount , the order number and the intended use.

Please note that a referral kann.Die take 3-4 days goods will be sent if the invoice amount

our account has been credited .



By submitting your order you will be forwarded automatically to the website of PayPal.

There you log in using your PayPal login information and can ausfürhen the payment convenient and secure.

If you do not want to run right after ordering the payment can be subsequently

sign up for PayPal and make your payment . Please send in this case the invoice amount

under the menu item " Send Money " to the following email address : as "subject"

Your payment , please use the order number from your order confirmation .

The goods we will ship as soon as the PayPal payment with the status "Completed" is displayed.


Immediate transfer

To complete your order with payment Instant Bank Transfer , you only need your bank code

and your account number. In our order line , you have the option of using a secure connection

To submit their data directly to the Payment Network AG and leave so as to cause the payment.

Sofortübeweisung is the TÜV certified payment services of Payment Network AG.

You do not need to login first with a provider , you make your payment

comfortable and safe with the bank account at your local bank . The goods will be sent as soon as

the payment process was completed with instant transfer.

BillPay - Purchase Orders

Online pay on account - but surely !


Online Shopping for the account :

Choose the payment method " invoice ( BillPay ) "

If you want to shop for the account , please select at checkout invoice ( BillPay ) as payment method .


Accept the Terms and identify yourself with BillPay

Accept the Terms of BillPay and identify yourself by entering your date of birth.


You will receive a confirmation of the purchase on invoice

You will receive confirmation that payment will be processed on invoice BillPay .

Delivery and payment

After ordering you will have a comfortable payment at BillPay .

We will send the corresponding payment details you with your order confirmation

Your e - mail address.


BillPay - Shopping by direct debit

Online , quickly and easily pay by direct debit.


Online Shopping by direct debit :

Choose the payment method " Debit ( BillPay ) "

If you want to shop by direct debit , please select debit

( BillPay ) as the payment method.


Accept the Terms and identify themselves with BillPay

Please accept the Terms of BillPay and identifizierne yourself with the command

Your date of birth and your account data at BillPay .


You will receive a confirmation of the purchase by direct debit

You will receive confirmation that payment by direct debit

is handled via BillPay .


cash on delivery

For cash by delivery a fee in the amount of 7.00 Euro extra comes to the shipping costs 

the order will be shipped the same day.


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