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Jeans Guide

Jeans for women


Regular Fit

Women's Regular Fit Jeans are a classic shape with straight leg jeans

and is a true classic among ladies jeans.

Boyfriend Jeans


She looks way too big, has no real fit and it looks very much as if we had swiped our friend out of the closet. And the way it should be! For how else could we so nice to come across casual and stylish at the same time? In general, this section particularly tall, slender women is because the wide shape with the typical small envelopes and strong women can act too stocky. Women with little or a flat butt should make sure that the loose cut the butt optically again flattens and shrinks.


It owes its name this Jean form the exhibited below pant legs, making it possible to carry even a boot ("boot") to the jeans.
The pants is actually each. In particular, women with slightly stronger legs can have their legs look longer and thinner with the help of bootcut jeans and in combination with high heels. The flared leg ensures that deflected by a powerful thighs.

Skinny Jeans
The super close variant of the Röhrenjeans.Wie the name suggests, these pants sit skin tight, form-fitting. In contrast to the conventional skinny jeans pant legs not straight, but are walking distance to the point enger.Am always best to see a skinny jeans slim and slender women. Women with an androgynous silhouette, but women with wider hips and a round butt can wear these jeans form wonderful. Strong calves, however, are not laminated in this skin-tight pants, but additionally emphasized.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans is very close to the leg and has narrow leg course.

A skinny jeans is and remains a must-have for the style-conscious woman.

Men's Jeans

Loose Fit Jeans
Mr. jeans Loose Fit Cut distinguished by a casual fit out with a comfortable, relaxed leg opening.
Also at the waist Loose Fit Jeans are usually very loose and therefore among the coolest and most comfortable jeans models.
Jeans with a very wide, straight leg also known as baggy jeans. Due to their extremely loose and
permeable section, Loose Fit Jeans is a real all-rounder.


Slim Fit Jeans
Slim fit jeans or skinny jeans are cut slim, form-fitting entire leg and are characterized by a shapely fit. Slim Fit fits have to hem out Tapered legs and
sit at the waist very close to the body. The qualities usually contain a small percentage of elastane, so that the comfort is trotzdemgewährleistet.


Regular Fit Jeans
Regular Fit Jeans are the Straightedge under the jeans. This sectional shape is characterized by a straight, but body-hugging
Intersect. The leg extends to the hem out a little further than the Slim Fit fits. Regular Fit Jeans
are among the most classic jeans fit and can also be found under the name Straight Leg.

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